Labconcept Universal Length Measuring Instrument


The Fowler/Trimos LABCONCEPT Universal Length Measurement System combines the ultimate in accuracy, performance, range and simplicity in an easy to use, robust instrument. It can calibrate all types of standards including plug gages, ring gages, thread plug gages, thread ring gages, snap gages, depth gages, dial indicators and more.

A large variety of accessory supports and probes allow unmatched versatility in checking both internal and external dimensions.

Measuring force is assured by means of an adjustable air system which can be regulated to different pressures. This system eliminates errors which could be caused by varying operator feel.

• Large measuring range 0—20" (0—500mm) and 0—39.4" (0—1000mm)
• Developed for ISO 9000/2000 standards
• Switchable Resolution; .0001", .00001", .000001", or .001mm, .0001", .00001mm
• Wide range of easily interchangeable accessories
• Adjustable measuring force 0—12N
• Displacement speed of measuring carriage = 60"/sec(1.5m/sec)
• Fine adjustment range = .394"/10mm
• Operational temperature limit 10Ëš-40ËšC
• Operational humidity limit 30 - 80%

Model 54-197-777 54-197-877
Measuring range 0—20"(500mm) 0—39.4"(1000mm)
Accuracy < 0.3μm+(L(mm)/1200)μm < 0.3μm+(L(mm)/1500)μm
Accuracy, full scale .000028"(.0007mm) .000038"(.00097mm)
Repeatability (±2S) .000004"/.0001mm ext. • .000008"/.0002mm int.
Display Computer added screen display: industrial computer with TFT touch screen, DDE server and Trimos WIN DHI software for display of functions and measuring results
Resolution, switchable .0001", .00001", .000001" or .001mm, .0001mm, .00001mm
Weight 176 lbs (80kg) 264 lbs (120kg)


Order Number Description
54-197-777 0—20"(500mm) LABCONCEPT Length Measuring System
54-197-877 0—39.4"(1000mm) LABCONCEPT Length Measuring System

Trimos-Win DHI XP software for all required measuring functions and connection of a gage inspection and management system

• Industrial computer with TFT tactile screen.
• DDE server (for Excel, Word, etc.)
• Multi-windows mode on screen.
• Graphic help for measuring functions.
• Linear type analog display or with pointer, selectable scale resolution.
• Digital display of the selected measuring force in Newton (N).
• Direct display of all length measurement values and minimum/maximum hold values.
• Selection of measuring unit mm/inch
• Selection of resolution: .0001", .00001", .000001" or .001mm, .0001mm, .00001mm.
• Measuring using two references.
• Input of 9 preset values.
• Inversion of measuring direction (+/-)
• Data transfer using a foot pedal.
• The screen is positioned and adjustable

Order No. Description
54-197-777 0—20"(500mm) LABCONCEPT Length Measuring System
54-197-877 0—39.4"(1000mm) LABCONCEPT Length Measuring System
54-197-001 Premium temperature compensation package for Lab Concept
54-197-003 Standard temperature compensation package for Lab Concept
Measuring tables and supports
54-197-011 Universal measuring table
54-197-019 Heavy duty universal measuring table
54-197-132 Holding device for indicator, fits on 54-197-011 for displacement
54-520-792 2"(50mm) digital indicator for use with 54-197-132
54-196-107 Set of vertically adjustable supports
54-196-108 Vertically adjustable support (one only)
54-196-022 Set of L-shaped supports, fits on 54-196-107
54-196-021 Set of V-shaped supports, fits on 54-196-107
54-197-106 Floating measuring table with location centers and V-shaped supports requires 54-196-107 or 108
Accessories for setting and checking of comparative measuring instruments and indicators
54-190-805 Set of carbide Gage blocks attachments 1"(2" total)
54-196-006 Set of carbide Gage blocks attachments min. .8"
54-190-823 Dial indicator holder (for 3/8" and 8mm stems minimum)
54-197-015 Dial indicator holder for max range of 2"/50mm (for 3/8" and 8mm stems)
54-197-115 Adjustable holding device for lever dial indicator
54-190-825 Set of V-shaped blocks for checking external micrometers over 2.36"/60mm fits on No. 54-190-805
54-197-114 Holding device for checking external micrometers from .48"—4"/12—100mm fits on No. 54-197-011
Accessories for external measurements
54-190-806 Set of anvils with tungsten carbide tipped measuring surface diameter 0.256"/6.50mm
54-197-806 Set of anvils with tungsten carbide tipped measuring surface diameter 0.315"/8mm
54-190-865 Set of knife shaped anvils with tungsten carbide measuring surfaces
54-190-807 Set of anvils with tungsten carbide balls for flat measuring surfaces
54-197-007 Set of wires on holders for checking pitch diameters of external threads, pitch of 72-5 threads per inch/0.25-5mm - requires 54-190-806
54-197-107 High accuracy plug measuring fixture for plugs up to 4" diameter, 11" length
Accessories for internal measurements
54-197-162 Set of L-shaped probes (minimum internal measurement: .475"/12mm) for height of 1.57"/40mm
54-197-142 Set of clamping attachments for height of 2.36"/60mm
54-197-143 Set of quick clamping attachments
54-197-074 Measuring device for checking of internal diameters from .04"/1mm upwards and pitch diameters of internal threads from M4/32UNC-NC upwards for
54-197-075 Set of T-shaped measuring inserts with ruby balls for pitch from 56 threads per inch/0.7mm upwards - requires No. 54-197-074
54-197-913 T-shaped measuring insert with ruby balls, dia. 0.01319"/.335mm requires No. 54-197-074
54-197-076 Set of ruby ball measuring inserts for checking internal diameters from .04"/1mm upwards - requires No. 54-197-074
Reference gages
54-197-050 Master plug gage, diameter 1.9685"/50mm includes calibration certificate
54-197-040 Master ring gage, diameter 1.5748"/40mm includes calibration certificate
Labconcept Universal Length Measuring Instrument
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