The Fowler/Trimos Vectra-Touch 1-D/2-D height gage with the latest in upgraded technology is now available with the following

• Motorized carriage movement.
• Swiss engineering and construction.
• Surface/Diameter/Centerline measurement
• Min/Max/Delta value
• 9 references
• Squareness/Angle measurement
• Calculation mode
• Tolerances
• 2D measuring mode
• Motorized measurement sequences
• Statistical analysis
• Temperature measurement/compensation
• Built-in pump provides air cushion to reduce wear and fatigue.
• Online help
• USB/RS-232/Wireless communication
• Up to 2000mm measuring range available

Order Number Description
54-193-300 12"/300mm Vectra Electronic Height Gage
54-193-600 24"/600mm Vectra Electronic Height Gage
54-193-900 40"/1000mm Vectra Electronic Height Gage
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