OPTIMA Premium


The OPTIMA Premium represents the ideal solution for exacting users.

A sturdy mechanical construction, combined with highly precise measuring and vision systems ensure reliability and efficiency. The software TRIMOS® Shopware, adapted to OPTIMA Premium instruments, is the outcome ofa long experience in the field of tool presetting. It has been especially developed in order to facilitate the users task and to increase the measuring speed. TRIMOS® Shopware is compatible with the latest innovations in the tool area and can be easily integrated into all production systems.

Like all other TRIMOS instruments, OPTIMA Premium is entirely developed and produced in our workshops in Switzerland. Mastering of production process, as well as a 30-year-old know-how, allow TRIMOS to offer instruments of legendary quality. All instruments are delivered with a calibration certificate.

All models can be delivered in manual or motorized version. Often imitated, but never reached Optima of Trimos only!

Very stable grey cast-iron base
Interchangeable high precision spindles
High precision vision system
Minimal training needed, thanks to an intuitive
user interface
Very thorough basic version
Integrated multi-cutting function
Microsoft Windows XP
Performing tool management system
Easy integration into any production process
Productivity oriented ergonomics
Manual or motorized version
Tool Identification System
Manual or motorized version

Software TRIMOS ® ShopWare is the outcome of many years of experience on the market of presetting. This powerful system takes into account the latest technological innovations. It offers a modern and easy-to-use interface disregarding the shape of the tool. TRIMOS® ShopWare is sufficiently flexible to be easily integrated into all production systems.

TRIMOS ® ShopWare
Works on PC (Windows XP)
Innovative interface with intuitive symbols
Ease of use
Quickly accessible basic functions
Precise vision system
Very powerful management of tools
Very complete basic version
Numerous options for specific needs
Possibility of adding modules at any time
Measuring, presetting and inspection of tools
Minimal training

OPTIMA Premium
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