D-100S Digital Indication Unit


• True inch/metric conversion. Portable, battery backed-up memory.
• Tolerance settings with display for upper and lower limits with up to six classes. Selection of measuring direction (±).
• Preselection of a value (preset) - up to seven digits. Memory of a value with display of Min, Max and Max-Min. Classification of two to six categories. Digital and/or analog indication. All functions can be controlled by the computer. Plastic ABS casing; tilt base.
• 7 digit LCD with analog scale
• Selectable resolution: .01" - .001" -  .0001" - .00001" or 0.1mm - 0.01mm -  0.001mm - 0.0001mm.
• RS232 serial input/output port.
• Power supply: external AC adaptor 120V or battery. (Life approximately 20 hours).

D-100S Digital Indication Unit
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