Z_Cal 600 Electronic Height Gage


Fowler/Trimos Z_Cal 600 Height Gage with 24" range. The Z_Cal 600 offers Sylvac's patented measuring system in a stylish easy to use height gage.

• Motorized movement
• Low measuring force
• Full numeric keypad
• Air-bearing base

Special Features:
• Swiss engineering and construction.
• One hand operation
• Measures heights, internal and external diameters and centerlines.
• Measures centerline location and center distances with dual references.
• Min/Max/Delta modes.
• Optical indicators for tolerances.
• Programmable measuring sequence.
• Includes x charts, histograms and statistics.
• Extremely light measuring pressure (variable)
• Large selection of optional probes with diameters of 1mm and 2mm for miniature parts.
• Built-in pump provides air cushion to reduce wear and fatigue.
• Includes setting gage.

Measuring range 0—24"(600mm)
Resolution .0005"/.00005"(.01/.001mm)
Accuracy .00024"(6μm)
Repeatability .00008"/2μm(±2S)
Operational speed 8" (.2mm)/sec
Measuring force 1 oz. (0.3N) adjustable
Operational time 10 hours
Overall height 37"(940mm)
Weight 26.4 lb. (12 kg)
Data output RS-232 (Bidirectional)
Z_Cal 600 Electronic Height Gage
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