Universal Bench Gage


For fast accurate measurement of internal and external dimensions… internal measuring range with table is 0.4—4" (10— 100mm) and external range is 0—3.5" (0—90mm).

Larger sizes to 40"(1000mm) plus can be measured using two tables.
• Large range of accessories available for internal/external measurement of diameters, grooves, threads, splines/gears, shallow spigots and recesses, tapers.
• Also used to check lengths, hole centers, concentricity and rolling gear tests.
• Digital readout option with .0005/.00005"(.01/.001mm) resolution, min/max hold, inch/metric conversion, preset memory and RS232 output for SPC.

Order Number Description
54-265-500 Universal Bench Gage Set. Includes accessories listed below:
54-265-023 Bench stand (feet)
54-265-024 Table and pair of mountings
54-265-025 Pair of small diameter measuring anvils
54-265-026 Pair of contact mounting arms
54-265-027 Alignment bar—sets standard contact mounting arms
54-265-028 Squareness setting gage
54-265-055 Pair of clamping adaptors
54-265-015 Pair of spherical Tip Contact Points
54-265-048 Pair of Internal Disc Anvils (large)
54-265-090 6" (150mm) extension
54-265-100 20" (500mm) extension
54-265-029 Carrier assembly for 2nd table
(not included in 54-265-500)
Universal Bench Gage
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