Optima Tool Presetters


Incorporating a host of features including the Trimos Duo Display that combines a high resolution Sony© CCD camera and LCD display along with a fullcolor LCD touch-screen, the Fowler/Trimos Optima is the perfect solution for both your tool presetting and tool setting requirements.

The graphical interface is the user's guide in the measuring process. Essential information is given via the easy-to-read touch screen. The standard mode features automatic tool edge shape selection.

Ergonomic design offers the user greater access to the tool mounting area. The sighting system allows precise positioning of the tool in the camera's field of view.

The on-line transmission of tool parameters allows the instrument to be connected to most production systems. Tool identification system and post-processors are available.

Trimos Duo Display
The exclusive Trimos Duo Display combines a touch-screen monitor, a new high resolution Sony CCD camera with display monitor to allow simple and quick measurements. Any tool shape is automatically recognized.

Interchangeable adapters are available for a variety of tool holders. Four different models of instruments can be supplied according to the size of the tools to be measured. Units come standard with 40 or 50 taper tool pots.

Featuring a database of large cutting tool images for quick and easy identification and quick setup.

Optima Tool Presetters
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